Process Safety Lifecycle software aeShield®

It usually takes quite some effort to maintain all the documents needed to comply with the BRZO legislation compliance. This is because they are usually stand-alone documents without any mutual coherence or possibility to exchange data. After all, how can you be sure that the assumptions you make in the HAZOP/LOPA phase are in line with reality? aeShield can help here.


How do you know for sure which HAZOP scenarios SIF-How do you know which HAZOP scenarios aeShield® protects against? How do you know what the impact on your risk is if a bypass switch is used on one of the SIFs? Or if testing is done too late? Until recently, that was indeed virtually impossible. But by managing the Safety lifecycle (IEC-61511) managed in our advanced tag-based database aeShield® that problem is solved. With a simple action, real life data from the plant history database and the maintenance management system can be linked to the study.

This provides direct insight into the current status of the plant's safety level and the risk you run compared to the risk you think you run... This makes it possible to gain insight into weak signals that could lead to process safety incidents(Leading process safety Key Performance Indicators, KPIs) beforehand instead of afterwards.

We call this concept Compliance as a Service (CaaS) and can deliver it in 3 flavours:

  • You do it yourself
  • We do it with you
  • We do it for you
We can produce all documents of the safety lifecycle for you, but if you believe in the same philosophy as we do, we are eager to show you all the benefits of aeShield.

"Holding on to a railing has never prevented an explosion"

- – Enrico Lammers