Partners of pro6com

As resultants, we not only work with our permanent staff, but also leverage a network of partners, including software and systems vendors, and outside experts. Working closely with these partners allows us to provide our clients with the best possible customized solutions and expertise.


Energy IO

Making energy losses invisible is Energy-IO's expertise. Through (temporary) measurements of energy losses, energy data is collected and smart software is used to turn this data into information. But the real power lies in combining energy information and the knowledge of process technology in production processes.



SRCM's many years of production and process safety experience is a welcome addition to our own expertise. We therefore work closely with SRCM in the area of safety management systems, risk analyses such as HAZOP and LOPA, and Hazardous Substances consulting.


Paltrock Atex

Where does explosion safety stop and process safety begin? And vice versa. Both are related, but require their own expertise. For that reason, when it comes to explosion safety (ATEX), we work closely with the experts at Paltrock ATEX. Whether it's drafting an explosion safety document, training or support with enforcement, their specialists work in a transparent and practice-oriented way.


KEN Engineering

KEN engineering is an all-around engineering firm with over forty years of experience. From lead engineers, structural engineers, to draftsmen and surveyors. KEN excels at making engineering ideas feasible, in a wide variety of design disciplines. We collaborate on field inspections in explosion safety.



Process safety and the integrity of various types of equipment are inextricably linked. When it comes to demonstrating the integrity of pipes, tanks, vessels and other equipment, we work closely with the experts at InspectAID.


Process Safety Congress

The purpose of this congress is to strengthen the process safety culture by sharing knowledge with people from the industry. Pro6com has been one of the sponsors of this congress for several years and also provides lectures in the field of process safety at this congress.