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  • Pro6com is not just another consultancy firm. We have a mission. We want to make plants safer and more efficient.

    Together with Jan, Jasmijn, Madelien, Marcel, and Remco, I have seen that it is quite a challenge to continue to meet the latest safety standards. That better results can be achieved with less energy and raw materials. And that it is an art to turn an idea into a fully-fledged production process.”

    - Enrico

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Making invisible risks visible. By focusing on the process safety lifecycle.



Making invisible losses visible. By making measurable what is not seen.



Helping to realize innovations. By bridging the gap between R&D and the chemical industry.


What customers say

SIL related work and compliance with IEC 61511 remains, despite the COVID-19 situation we are in, a very high priority for CRODA. We are doing a lot of this ourselves, but felt the need to know how well we are doing.

The Functional Safety Assessments (FSAs) carried out by pro6com's experts give us the answer to that question.

Viacheslav (Slava) Lobatyi, Engineering Manager - Croda Europe

In case of high workloads, we are happy to fall back on the assistance of external consultants who, in addition to their specific expertise in the field of instrumental safety devices, also have a clear affinity with other adjacent fields, such as process technology. This contributes to a practice-oriented and high-quality approach.

For the reasons mentioned above, we have accredited some employees of pro6com for design and verification work at DSM

Udo Dehner, Corporate Lead Functional Safety - DSM

Pro6com has been a reliable partner for us in the area of Process Safety Lifecycle for some time now.

In addition to the HAZOPs and SIL verifications, we are currently looking with them at the next steps we can take to implement the recommendations from the HAZOP and verification.

Because a study alone does not make the plant safer, doing something with the recommendations does.

John Mol, HSE&Q Manager - Lanxess

We are working on an upgrade project for our DCS and SIS systems. A good reference point to see what technology is available in today's digital age.

We are working with the experts at pro6com to deploy this new technology. This will enable us to raise our Process Safety Lifecycle and with it HAZOP, LOPA, SIL, Cause & Effect and test sheets to a higher level.

This not only makes the plant safer, but also saves us a lot of time and money.

Sanco Glerum, HS Engineer - INVISTA

Pro6com is strong in switching to the core, zooming in on details and being professional.

Very good operational capability. Where the owner of the installation could not get it to work, they did

Nico Way, Plant Change Coordinator - SHELL